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Author: Net Zero Hub I

True packaging sustainability: Understanding the performance trade-offs

Download PDF Sustainability of packaging materials varies by which sustainability elements are prioritized. Companies in the value chain will need to understand the trade-offs across carbon footprint, recycle-ability, and waste reduction. Sustainable-packaging efforts are often centered around a desire to decrease leakage, improve circularity, reduce

How companies capture the value of sustainability: Survey findings

Download PDF What makes the difference between a sustainability program that produces business value and one that doesn’t? A new survey identifies practices that distinguish value-creating companies from others. Amid widening recognition of how environmental issues such as climate change create business opportunities and risks,

The ESG premium: New perspectives on value and performance

Download PDF In a new survey, executives and investment professionals largely agree that environmental, social, and governance programs create short- and long-term value—though perceptions of how have changed over the past decade. Pressure on companies to pay attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues
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