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Starting your journey towards net zero doesn’t have to be complex. With well-defined framing and action plans, your company will be ready to compete alongisde global companies in the net zero business ecosystem. KADIN Net Zero Hub will assist your process.


Initiating Commitment

Sign MOU and NDA with KADIN Net Zero Hub, signaling that your Company intends to pledge for net zero. This is the start of your partnership with KADIN Net Zero Hub, and we will be ready to allocate resources to help you plan your next step.

Benchmarking Industry

Each industry will have its own distinctiveness in its journey to net zero. Similarly, each company within the same industry may have differences in achieving net zero. Understand your industry’s positioning to accurately frame your Net Zero Action Plan and Statement.

Net Zero Hub will assist your company in conducting industry benchmarking to get high-level overview on how companies initiate their net zero journey.

Setting Targets

Identify metrics and map out data sources regarding your company’s emissions to develop prioritized list of initiatives, with time-bound and measurable targets.

Net Zero Hub’s Knowledge Partners can become resources to help you identify metrics such as your emissions. The GHG Protocol, co-created by WRI, provides you with classification of emission scoping.

Submitting Pledge

After your targets are set, your company will have clearer ideas of your Net Zero Roadmap and form a dedicated team to execute and achieve your action plans. This means your company is ready to submit your pledge and solidify your commitment to the net zero movement.


Assessing Activities

As part of transparency and responsibility, we encourage your company to assess and disclose your climate actions. This also proves to shareholders, markets, and business partners that your company aims for long-term commitment.

CDP, one of Net Zero Hub’s knowledge partners, will facilitate your company in this step with their assessment tools.

Submitting Periodical Report

After receiving your assessment scores from CDP, we encourage your company to provide periodical reporting. This will also help your company in monitoring your net zero journey, as your targets might have to be changed, adapted and adjusted with recent developments.


Engage with Other Net Zero Actors

Becoming part of Net Zero Hub entails interacting with net zero actors beyond the business sectors, such as academic researchers and youths. This can come in the form of networking events, capacity buildings, and other ways to ensure the creation of enabling net zero ecosystem.

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