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Tag: transformation

Banking imperatives for managing climate risk

Download PDF More than regulatory pressure is driving banks to manage climate risk. Financing a green agenda is also a commercial imperative—but specialized skills are needed to protect balance sheets. The surface temperature of the Earth has risen at a record pace in recent decades, creating risks to life, ecosystems,

Design cost-effective, carbon-abated products with resource cleansheets

Download PDF Resource clean sheets assess component costs and carbon emissions at the same time—so designers and engineers can model design and production choices without compromising emissions goals CEOs increasingly recognize the green imperative. They understand that in the coming decades, environmental sustainability will drive core aspects of their businesses:

Why investing in nature is key to climate mitigation

Download PDF A new consultation paper from McKinsey and the World Economic Forum explores the role that natural climate solutions can play in addressing climate change and the destruction of nature Natural climate solutions offer an opportunity to address both climate and nature crises and generate significant additional environmental, social

The big choices for oil & gas in navigating the energy transition

Download PDF As oil and gas companies respond to the current economic discontinuities, they must choose where and how to compete as the world transitions to a low-carbon future The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a material near- term drop in global energy demand, at one point leading to a

Creating the zero-carbon mine

Download PDF Despite a daunting timeline, zero-carbon mines are within reach if the right solutions are implemented The mining industry is at a tipping point where sustainability and de-carbonization are top items on CEOs’ agendas. To achieve a 1.5°C climate-change target by 2050, the mining industry will need to reduce
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