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Danone Indonesia: AQUA Life as Indonesia’s 1st Carbon Neutral Beverage

The Indonesia Net Zero Summit: Industrial Decarbonization at All Cost, held on 11 November in Bali, opens a new chapter in the country’s journey towards achieving Net Zero Emissions. Across five panel discussions, and with fireside chats as well as breakout sessions in between, the summit put leading industry actors on center stage as they shared invaluable learnings gained from their respective company/organization’s efforts in taking the necessary climate actions. Among these companies was Danone Indonesia, a leading food & beverage company who is taking real actions to reduce emissions along and beyond their value chain.

If one questions, “Can the world really achieve carbon neutrality by 2050?”, Danone believes that the answer is Yes. This can be done by cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible while absorbing any remaining emission, hence totally transforming how a company delivers their products.

To mark their own way towards carbon neutrality, Danone has AQUALIFE, which has become the 1st Carbon Neutral Certified Beverage in Indonesia (in reference to the international standards PAS 2060 by the Carbon Trust). Through AQUA Life, Danone Indonesia has minimized carbon emissions at each stage of their bottle’s life cycle: from the 100% recycled materials they use, to renewable energy as the power source in their production, to transportation and recycling.

Read more on how Danone Indonesia is supporting the energy transition by utilizing solar panel rooftops for their AQUA factory here.

Connie Ang, Chief Executive Officer of Danone Indonesia, was present at the summit as a panelist for the fourth panel discussion, “Corporate Climate Governance”. During the discussion, she revealed the growing push for accountable climate actions that companies have been receiving across the industries, especially in alignment with Danone’s value, “One Planet, One Health”, which has become the company’s DNA at this point.

“Whenever you take from the planet, you give back and leave it in a better place or at least equal, which is exactly carbon zero,” Connie Ang elaborated on this value.

The Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022 became an opportunity for leading actors and companies in the national net zero movement such as Danone Indonesia to accelerate collective actions in building a low-carbon economy and realizing a climate-resilient Indonesia.

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