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East Ventures: Sustainability Report 2022

Achieving Net Zero Emissions needs more than just commitments. Companies in Indonesia’s private sector are playing the key role in mobilizing the movement through real climate actions. One of them is East Ventures, who will be present at the Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022: Industrial Decarbonization at all Cost, which will be held in Bali on November 11, 2022. The sector-agnostic venture capital firm will be present to showcase the climate actions they are taking to build a low-carbon economy and a climate-resilient future.

East Ventures – Sustainability Report 2022 lines out robust progress and a range of initiatives among East Ventures and its ecosystem in engaging the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks and practices in achieving a more sustainable and inclusive future. With more than a decade of experience as an investor, East Ventures has worked with and witnessed hundreds of entrepreneurs who have changed the direction of Southeast Asia’s economy with innovative technologies to reach overall society’s betterment.

The report, which you can download here, summarizes the extensive experience of East Ventures and its ecosystem as well as serves as a playbook that provides a better understanding and guidelines for all the players in moving toward sustainability.

East Ventures is one of the leading companies in the national net zero movements who supports the Indonesian Net Zero Summit 2022. Avina Sugiarto, Partner of East Ventures, will be speaking during the Fireside Chat session at 11.45 to 11.55 in the Singaraja Hall of BNDCC 1. Afterwards, East Ventures will be hosting a breakout session in the form of panel discussion followed by Q&A, closing the agenda with MoU signing, at Kintamani 1.

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