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ERM Collaborates with KADIN Net Zero Hub in Indonesia to bring G20’s Sustainability Agenda Forward

Indonesia, 19 December 2022 – ERM sees the urgency for Indonesia to bring G20’s sustainability agenda forward. As a partner to Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022: Industrial Decarbonization at All Cost, held in Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia, last November, ERM sees positive response from the Indonesian business communities in decarbonizing the industry. Over 1.000 people from 30 countries registered for the summit to engage in discussions that would fuel Indonesia’s advancement to achieve net zero. Hosted by KADIN Net Zero Hub, the event was a chance for both national and multinational companies to address and discuss challenges, opportunities, and the current progress of Indonesia’s transition towards a climate-resilient future. Following the successful summit, ERM collaborates with KADIN Net Zero to help enable and accelerate the industry ecosystem with actionable know-how to transit to net zero.

ERM is the trusted global pure-play sustainability consultancy, established more than fifty years ago, supporting various sectors such as technology, energy, hydrogen, finance, banking and insurance, chemical, manufacturing, mining or metals. For the past two decades, ERM has championed notable environmental and social impact in Indonesia.

“The Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022 calls for an urgent system-wide transformation, which includes our industrial system, our business system, and all the way to our company’s internal system,” Muhammad Yusrizki, Chairman of KADIN Net Zero Hub, underlined. The summit raises the urgency for collective action to build greater ambitions to bring the industrial sector towards the Paris Agreement pathway and, ultimately, to decarbonize value chains across the industries in Indonesia. On this occasion, companies and organizations who are leading the national transition came together to turn their net zero commitments into climate actions, including ERM.

“Countries in the Southeast Asia region have made large strides in directing their growing economies to secure a low-carbon and sustainable future. Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has its natural resources as key contributors of economic growth in the world. The rapidly growing economies of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries are supported largely in pursuit of net zero and sustainable business. Climate change is fundamentally changing the way we conduct our businesses. Post the B20 and G20 summit in Bali, it is imperative that businesses address emerging climate and other Environmental-SocialGovernance (ESG) issues holistically. Through the initiatives by B20 Energy, Sustainability and Climate, both government and businesses will need to collaborate to accelerate orderly and affordable sustainable energy transition and usage by reducing carbon intensity. This will enable consumers in Indonesia to access and consume clean and modern energy,” said Setiaji Hadiprayitno, Country Managing Partner at ERM Indonesia.

“In our partnership with KADIN Net Zero Hub, we aim to accelerate the industry ecosystem energy transition collaboration and provide the ESG knowledge and actionable know-how to the industries in Indonesia. ERM will continue to work closely with our clients from various industries such as technology, energy, hydrogen, chemical, manufacturing, mining, oil, metals, banking and financial sectors in Indonesia, to journey towards safe and seamless net zero transition,” added Setiaji.

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