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WEF – Accenture: Transitioning Industrial Clusters and Indonesia’s Decarbonization

Achieving Net Zero Emissions needs more than just commitments. Companies in Indonesia’s private sector are playing the key role in mobilizing the movement through real climate actions. Among these companies are Accenture and World Economic Forum, who will be present at the Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022: Industrial Decarbonization at all Cost, which will be held in Bali on November 11, 2022. They will be present to showcase the climate actions they are taking to build a low-carbon economy and a climate-resilient future.

Just recently, the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture and EPRI launched a global initiative to support industrial clusters in their paths to net zero. With industry responsible for 30% of global CO2 emissions, industrial clusters will be a critical player in accelerating the path towards net zero.

At the Indonesia Net Zero Summit, Accenture in collaboration with the World Economic Forum will be hosting a panel discussion on the topic of Policy and Partnerships for Indonesia’s Decarbonization from 4.45 pm to 6.00pm (GMT+8) at Kintamani 2 of BNDCC 1. 

Come be part of the announcement and panel discussion of South-east Asia’s first industrial cluster transitioning towards net zero featuring Pertamina, Jababeka Infrastruktur, Hitachi Astemo and others. In addition, a second panel discussion will be held, featuring the contributors to the World Economic Forum policy paper on advancement of clean energy investments in Indonesia. Join us for a conversation about how partnerships and policy will accelerate decarbonization for businesses and industries.

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You can also read about the Policy Enablement for Industrial Decarbonization white paper here, and read about Indonesia’s System Value Analysis here.

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